LHLink – Pivoting Front Linkage

kaantyva-etunostolaiteLHLink is a pivoting, easy-to-use front linkage which improves the work efficiency of a machine and allows the driver to concentrate on the implement. LHLink increases productivity by 25 to 30% by making it possible to get the work done in a single run. LHLink can be equipped with up to 3.5 tons of lifting power.

LHLink is especially useful in field mowing and in road maintenance and property maintenance tasks where LHLink makes it easier to see where the mowed or cleaner area ends or begins. It is also possible to attach truck forks to LHLink, after which LHLink can also be used for warehouse work, making it easier to pile up bales or pallets to a more compact space with higher precision.

Watch video of LHLink Pivoting Front Linkage doing different works with high precision


LHLink Allows for More Precise Control

Kääntyvä etunostolaite John DeereA driver who uses an implement attached to a tractor’s front linkage with LHLink is actually driving the linkage and not the tractor. Thus, LHLink improves the control of the combination and precision of work.

LHLink can be adjusted to:

  • turn up to 35° in relation to the front wheels (the front linkage can be deflected as desired from the middle line)
  • turn separately from the tractor’s front wheels
  • turn more than the front wheels, making it easier to work with the implements attached to front and back linkages.

Show brochure: LHLink Pivoting Front linkages (pdf)

LHLink is available in after sales

Tractor model Width
(transport position)
Lifting force
Valtra N1/N2/T1/T2/T3 800 mm 3500 kg
John Deere 6130M/R
800 mm 3500 kg
Fendt 700 800 mm 3500 kg
Case Farmall U Pro 800 mm 3500 kg Technical datasheet
New Holland T6/T7
Case Puma/Maxxum
800 mm 3500 kg
John Deere 4R 718 mm 700 kg Technical datasheet




The technical data sheet of the LHLink – John Deere:
LHLink John Deere Techical Datasheet (pdf)

Read the user experience by a satisfied customer that uses LHLink front linkage in Valtra tractor during summer and winter. Farmer and contractor Janne Siuvo from Nokia, Finland (pdf)

Read the user experience by a satisfied customer that uses John Deere with LHLink pivoting front linkage:
LHLink User experience Järvinen (pdf)

Watch video from a customer using his LHLink pivoting front linkage with Valtra:


Quick snow plowing with John Deere tractor and LHLink:


Easy and effective mowing with John Deere tractor and LHLink:


LHLink Is Available In Two Versions:

vis_frontAutomatic LHLink Pivoting Front Linkage

LHLink front linkage turns according to the tractor’s front wheels. The turning ratio in relation to the front wheels and deflection from the middle line can be set with two easy adjustments. LHLink is controlled automatically and electro-hydraulically according to presets, allowing the driver to concentrate on driving.

LHLink Manual Pivoting Front Linkage

LHLink Manual includes exactly the same pivoting features as LHLink but turning and lifting the linkage is done with a joystick.

See other videos of LHLink in action

This is how LHLink looks when working in the field and doing municipality work:

LHLink operating manual

Download operating manual from links below:

LHLink operating manual

Previous versions:

LHLink operating manual (operation modes)