LH Lift Lower Link Arm Stabilisers for Tractors

Our telescopic lower link arm stabilisers are available in three models: an automatic model and two different models with pin locking. All our stabilisers are designed to be safe and easy to use, and they are all manufactured in-house.

Automatic LH Lift Lower Link Arm Stabiliser

Automatic lower link arm stabilisers are recommended for use with medium-size and large tractors, as well as with implements requiring automatic locking and releasing according to the lifting height of the lower links. Automatic lower link arm stabilisers make it possible to release the implement automatically into the floating position based on the height of the lower links.

  • Extremely durable in heavy use and dirty conditions
  • Pin or screw adjustment for length


LH Lift Stabilisers with Pin Adjustment

Our stabilisers are available with pin adjustment. Lighter models (CAT 1) are suitable for tractors below 50 hp and heavier models (CAT 4) for tractors over 400 hp. Our versatile pin locking stabiliser models are suitable for general use.

  • Quick adjusting and removing without tools
  • Slotted holes allow some sideways movement for the implement


LH Lift Stabilisers with Screw Adjustment

Our stabilisers are also available with screw adjustment in categories 1-4 for tractors with 20-180 hp, as well as even more powerful tractors.

  • Extremely precise adjustments
  • Fewer clearances than stabilisers with pin adjustment

Download brochure: Side stabilizers_UK