ISO 9001 certification granted to Chinese plant

TÜV has granted ISO 9001 quality certification to the LH Lift plant in Ningbo, China. Previously, LH Lift’s Chinese plant operated as an external process of the company’s Finnish plant, as most of its production was delivered to the parent company. However, as the Ningbo plant now delivers many components directly to local and international customers, separate ISO 9001 certification was required.

The Ningbo plant already operated in accordance with ISO 9001 quality certification, but its processes and management system have now been further enhanced and changes have been made to its operating procedures. The granting of its own ISO 9001 certificate also ensures the quality of its products while also improving LH Lift’s competitiveness.

LH Lift Ningbo factory ISO 9001

LH Lift työntekija Ningbossa Kiinassa ISO 9001