LH Lift donates 1600 face masks to hospitals

LH Liftin toimitusjohtaja Kari Piltonen ja hengityssuojaimet

LH Lift is donating 1600 protective face masks to the Central Finland Health Care District. The face masks are certified N95 respirators that can be used in intensive care. There has been a shortage of protective face masks both in Finland and internationally due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“We have a plant in Ningbo, China, and we have seen the dramatic impact of the coronavirus in China. We initially ordered the masks for our own employees and their families. The use of face masks is obligatory in China outside the home, also in the workplace. We were able to obtain a large shipment of masks from a cooperation partner of ours near Wuhan. We now want to donate these masks for use in Finnish hospitals,” says Kari Piltonen, Managing Director of LH Lift.